Sunday, November 2, 2008

The natural Approach

I think the natural Approach Method is a good way to learn Arabic. The natural Approach focus on communication only. According to Jensen, the human brain needs to solve challenge problems. In a natural approach class, students have the read or listen to passages and speak in the target language. These are like singing and doing puzzles. The students learn the language by using a grammar book and bilingual dictionary to know the meaning of new words. Then the students practice writing and discussion with other students. Students who want to learn a language must have a dictionary because it is very important to translate passages. They must also read books to learn vocabulary by reading. The students don’t have exercises in grammar, vocabulary or spelling but that isn’t a problem. The goal is only to read and speak or practice speaking with friends every day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The celebration new born baby
The celebration of a new born baby is a celebration which was practice by the Prophet Muhammad. This celebration is held on the seventh day the baby has been born on that day. First, at the seventh day the baby has been born the family take celebration for cut hair and Akikah. Next, this celebration becoming a member of a group, people can join a group at different times in life. Then this day the baby can bring circle the people for cut hair. After that, the famous song this celebration is a selawat and marhaban. This celebration is a very Islamic, everyone wears formal clothing, for example, the boys, men, girl, and women wear a traditional clothes.
A Graduation has Several stages in University

Islamic Science University of Malaysia graduation ceremony has a several stages. At day graduation ceremony the student sit together from their families and friends. Then the student put on caps with tassels from one side to the other and specials clothes graduation. Next, the students listen to speeches about their futures from counselor. After that, the students must be queue before the principal calls their name, and they walk across in the stage. This walk symbolizes their transition. After a while, they take their diploma or degree certificate of completion and the students shake hands with the principal as respect. After that, the students in move with the hand a scroll then get down from a stages. The friends take a photography time walk the stages. Finally, all the student will be exit from a large room for a take photo with family and friends, then the people give flowers and present to the students graduation. At the end, the students will be move the tassels on their caps from one side to the other this is a symbolizes the end study and they is a very happy at day because in their life.
A Game Badminton

When I was 12 years old, I learned a lesson about patience and persistence from my favorite game, badminton. I used to play badminton when children. One day I register for badminton match in my school. So I had to when I was a practice badminton. I practice badminton with my friends and my brother every day in the evening. Used my father judge badminton. Unfortunately, first round match I lose for badminton match in my school. I so very sad and persistence to play badminton again at the second round match but I followed the teacher’s and my family advice patience and persistence and started to play badminton match. From this experience, I learned the importance of sharing. In match we need a lot of patience and persistence to be a success.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

buyinng something just for its image


Anywhere buying something just for its image we must be look the values product. The product is very important a luxury or energy just for its image somebody. Example, buy this expensive car, it means that have a luxurious lifestyle this is symbol image somebody. Then we must be frequently buying something just for its image even more than for its prince or quality product.
Then, before buy too something we must be service will improve their lives because, we want to buying something the good product and quality just for its image. And then, we not cushy believe with something product, because fear is not true product so we must be check name brands, famous product or not and we can to serve for purpose something in long time.
Other than, for buying something just for its image, we choose something is a beautiful, expensive, useful or necessary, famous and energy, because is symbol image. So we choose intelligent buy something for its image.
In conclusion, we can look this all before the buy something because just for its image, we must be intelligent choose and not cushy believe with something.

the television commercial

The television commercial for the Eid celebration is funny. At the beginning advertisement, a mother and seven her sons are ready the eid celebration in the house. Then his mother ask her sons about beef and remember her sons to buy beef. Next, her sons went to the shops to buy beef but all the shops last stage beef. After that, her younger son said to his mother, mum not crying after this the brothers come back beef. After a while, her sons take idea come back a cow to his mother. Finally, his mother insensible because shock her sons have come back with a cow. His mother happy and elated with their sons.

sweet memory


Everyone person own sweet memory and mild memory in life. Then other with me, in m y life is very any sweet memory and me not forget reach time. Because memory learn experience for me and fully grown. The sweet memory in my life between is a can go to holiday at the Tioman Island with my family. I’m so happy and excited go to holiday at the Tioman Island. In the half road, my father car damage and we excited because the palace is very hill. Then, my father talking r me hope calm and pray so that person can come in this road. Three hour ago, come someone and stop get me, Then, we continue go to destination and we late reach in Tioman Island although we late reach in Tioman Island but we very happy because we reach with safe.
Next, the sweet memory is a month fast. The month fasting last year my family happy and excited welcome with month fast. The beginning story, the first day fast me is very happy although tired. The evening I’m help my mother cook, my mother any cooking. Time open fast we wait athan with happy. My father open radio to listen athan. I’m happy to open fasting because excited to open fasting I’m open fasting before athan, I’m listen athan but singing. The all my family laugh me. This my sweet memory don’t forget reach time.